Friday, December 23, 2011

David Storobin Organizes Hanukkah Celebration In Manhattan Beach With GOP Leadership

David Storobin organized an amazing event in Manhattan Beach on the first day of Hanukkah that was well attended by prominent NY Republicans.

The highlight of the event was the appearance of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who had kinds words for David Storobin. Check out the video.

Other attendees included Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden and Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, who met with a host of Orthodox rabbis and prominent neighborhood professionals who care what happens in their communities.

David Storobin opened the gathering with a very heartfelt and inspiring story about his experience in coming to America and how he went from a culture where his religious identity was ridiculed to one where it could flourish. We highly reccommend watching this.

Down Goes Kruger! It's David Storobin's Time!

So who's ready to campaign in the snow!

Looks like there may be another Special Election in southern Brooklyn (if Gov. Cuomo calls for it - more on that soon, I think!) Obvious when the time comes, I'm sure Russell will be emailing all of us and bribing up with free cocoa and such!

But until then, let's get you caught up on some recent news:

Right now, the buzz in Republican circles is all about David Storobin, who is thought to be the front-runner to be the GOP nominee for the 27th Senate seat vacated by disgraced Democratic Senator Carl Kruger.

And the buzz is getting louder. According to Politicker, Storobin had scheduled a gathering with Sen. Dean Skelos and Marty Golden to meet with some prominent Russian and Orthodox Jewish leaders. And from I've seen and heard, Storobin wowed everyone. the event in Manhattan Beach was attended by close to 100 people, including prominent rabbis from the district. I even heard Sen. Skelos say how Storobin reminded him of himself before his first run - and we all know how that career is going!

Here's a round-up of some recent news and blogs surrounding the seat that mentions Storobin, including a good profile by David Freelander of PolitickerNY:

Keep checking back for updates - this is gonna get good!

(This article was written by Gene Berardelli over at Brooklyn GOP Radio - a big David Storobin supporter. Thanks, Gene!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Storobin In The News... A Lot!

People are getting to know David Storobin!

From newspapers, to magazines, to television, to blogs and web videos like this one from Andy Sullivan's "Blue Collar Corner", people are getting to know what David Storobin is all about!

David made a big impression at the Bay People Rally in Sheepshead Bay on March 13, 2010. There, he made an impassioned speech for unity amongst all peace loving people regardless of ethnic or religious background.

The more we hear from David, the more we want him to be our next State Senator - the FIRST Russian-American State Senator in the history of New York!

Check out all the links below!

Sheepshead Bites - March 10, 2011
The Jewish Star - March 24, 2011

Not to mention that David has been on the Jewish TV Channel, Russian Television Network, the Home Reports, and several other publications!

For those of you who frequent Russian-speaking publications, here are some links for you!

Also, here are some articles written by David Storobin!

Citizens Magazine - January 2011
American Thinker - March 6, 2011

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